Faith Lawyer

About Faith Lawyer

Faith Lawyer is a student at Bethany Global University. Prior to her enrollment, she worked as a Preschool teacher within a Christian learning center. Several short term missions’ trips sparked her passion to pursue long term ministry, missions, and teaching. Therefore, she is continuing her education with a double major in Bible and Theology and Montessori Education, with a minor in intercultural studies.

Faith has experience discipling people of all ages. She has worked alongside children with various backgrounds and needs, in school, camp, and church settings. Additionally, she has served within her local church as a youth and worship leader. She has specifically mentored high school girls, but can’t help but share her faith with peers, family, and friends. She has contributed to outreach ministries involving worship, evangelism, and teaching. Faith loves the outdoors, seasonal activities, dancing, and learning practical ways to improve herself and the world she lives in.

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